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Ian Henk is a pen name for easy remembrance among an anglophone audience. In real life, Ian Henk's name is Ingo Heinscher, and he has published a total of 7 novels in German under that name.

Ian Henk was born in 1976 and fell in love with Science Fiction in the early 80s. Early on he wished to write and publish novels, but found out quickly that in order to tell something, one should first have experienced anything. After spending 4 years in military service, he decided to do honest work and abandonded that decision immediately in order to earn good money as a systems administrator. In 2011, he went one step further and became a freelance consultant in computer networking, a field in which he stayed until 2021.

Since 2014, he writes and self-publishes stories – at first only as a hobby and in German, but this year also in English, in order to reach a wider audience.